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The passion for writing has its deep roots. Ekaterina Zelenkova makes her first attempts in poems writing in Bulgarian language in her school years.

She has been involved professionally as an online content writer five years ago. As of today, her writing “fever” has never been reduced. Furthermore, her content writing skills have been polished.

Recently, improved techniques for SEO approached content writing are utilized.

GlasgowTranslate is working with a small team of content writers lately, offering online content writing, preliminary in English language.

On your request we can write content and/ or translate the written content from or into English, Bulgarian, Polish, Russian and Standard Arabic languages. We can perform such activities on a regular basis too.

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  • Clients Individuals, Companies, Organisations and Institutions
  • Since FEB 2010
  • In Content Writing
  • Place Worldwide
  • URL

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