Project - Parmafeyblog

Content Writing

Project – Parmafeyblog is aimed at periodically online publishing of relative financial content on the blog of a corporate website.

One of main advantages of the project is that all clients of the company may read up to date financial information, related to all services provided by the company.

Visiting the corporate blog, visitors of the corporate web site may gather also more detailed information about company's services.

They may also be inspired to look for a special advisory services, which they have never used before.

The other asset of the project is that the blog became an important element of the corporate web site SEO and company's branding altogether.

Keeping up of a fresh content on the corporate blog always suggests to your clients that you take care about them in a professional manner.

Project Info

  • Client Parmafeyblog
  • Date 2014
  • In Content Writing
  • Place Europe

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