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Returning back in 2010 you can see first active online content presence of Ekaterina Zelenkova. In those days, there was no GlasgowTranslate and the passion to write financial content was a driving force for her.

The aim of Pink investing blog has been not to maintain pink investors' dreams but to stress their attention on risks associated with allocating of funds in some high risk stocks.

Often, the seemed so close to you golden bullion remains only a dream.

As oppose to the awakening after a good dream which is not emptying your pocket, the awakening after investing in shares of a company with no prospects may leave bitter consequences.

With no intentions to advise or make a negative comment, it is worth to mention as an example the stock symbol POTG.

Four years ago POTG stock has been traded at $1.14 per share while as of July, 2015 its 52 Week Range is between $0.0001 and $0.007 per share...

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