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Inbound Marketing (IM) is an alternative and supplemental tool to the traditional outbound marketing. IM is a technique for attracting customers to products and services utilising digital marketing tools like content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and branding.

The inbound marketing demands a solid and diverse skill set, including SEO, content writing, web design and social media proficiency. That is why, it may be not realistic to expect that one marketing specialist in a small company will be able to cover all these competencies.

GlasgowTranslate can help you take advantage of all benefits which the inbound marketing brings:

  • It is cost effective. Using digital tools for leads creation may be more expensive and efficient than the traditional marketing instrumental utilising
  • It is a shortcut to your target audience. Customers who respond to inbound marketing strategies are usually closer to your qualified leads
  • Increases trust, credibility and brand awareness
  • Generates valuable traffic and leads
  • Almost all results of the implementation of the inbound marketing strategy can be quantified and analysed.

>Make your inbound marketing strategy with GlasgowTranslate if you want to grow your business or just to get more leads. Only SEO analyses are not enough.

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