Website Translation and Localisation Services

Website Translation and Localisation

GlasgowTranslate has solutions if you want your website to be accessible in more than one language. You can choose between two types of services we offer. These are website translation and website localisation.

The first option includes only translation of the content of your website in a convenient for you file format.

The second alternative, website localisation includes translation of all or part of your website’s content and “placing” it in to the respective online readable framework.

Most often, this process includes creation of HTML documents, in addition to the text translation. On the one side, this means that translation is not the only priority. On the other, the message which you want to send to your website readers should be the same in meaning and a shape in all languages.

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Localisation creates new product, where all translated content materialises in the right places and in adequate proportions in the HTML files of your website.

We offer website translation and website localisation services from or into English, Bulgarian, Polish and Russian languages.

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